War on the Disabled

As we come up to the 3 year mark for our Conservative Government (Yes its a conservative government propped up by an ineffective soul selling sad puppy dog eyed Liberal Democon stooge), here are a number of websites that paint a fairly (un)pretty and indeed disturbing picture of life in Britain for many over the last 3 years.

The Conservatives have tried really hard to convince the public that Britain is broken. The truth is judging by their behaviour Britain isn’t broken and never was. Politics is broken however and has been for a very very long time. Remember all the lies of ‘Kind and Compassionate Conservatives’ before 2010? The fact that they even had to try and sell themselves as being such speaks volumes about the type of people that inhabit government today, the type of people who have largely done one hell of a lot to drive our country backwards from issues of equality, the type of people who through the media are fuelling a bigoted and discriminatory fire-storm of media propaganda designed to convince the public that the disabled are scroungers. The type of people who will use the slightest excuse to justify removing the civil and human rights that we have fought long and hard for to protect ourselves against the state. The type of people who will force legislation to allow secret courts through Parliament just to protect themselves from having the truth exposed about their clandestine skullduggery abroad.

The disturbing thing is that the public buy into this stuff. Many believe it and Many act upon it. There are reported rises in hate crimes against the disabled for example (see below). Words such as scrounger are bandied about casually from Government down through the civil service to those working in Job Centres who are supposed to be there to help. Then there are the suicides quietly happening around the country which Government refuses to hear about. Years and years of fighting for Human Rights, Equality and the abolition of discrimination are slowly being picked apart.

If you have the time and interest, please check out some of the links below and the stories behind them, including a surprising one from the Daily Hate.

There are now just over 2 years left and counting to the next general election, and no doubt during this time far more irreversible damage will be done to society all in the name of austerity (Austerity: Noun. Byword for a government more willing to piss billions into nuclear weapons, weapons of war and just War in general than they are willing to actually care about the society and people they claim to represent) leaving the country more socially divided and torn apart than ever before. Hopefully by then we will all have learned that it is time to take the power back and instigate a right royal clear out of Parliament. I doubt it though, we will probably all end up blindly falling into Labours hands again, then back to the Tories, then back to labour, ping pong, ping pong, ping pong, ping pong, all the time the Lib Dems pimping themselves to whomever will get them past the gates of the ivory tower, ping pong, ping pong, ping pong ad infinitum (or is that ad nauseum?) never ever achieving a truly fair and balanced society.

The following links are a random selection of sites that can be found online, these are not my sites, I do not endorse them and in some cases I don’t agree with the politics behind them, but I do largely agree with their stance on the specific issue in question. They are all an illustration of some of the ideas, truths and stories out there regarding what is happening today and part of the reason why we are truly on the express elevator to hell.

And remember kids, say NO to ATOS, IDS, and Fascists everywhere.
































A great day for British Justice?….Not on your Nelly!

Theresa May, Grossly offended by the existence of Human Rights

But it seems more like a great day for the Tories as they threaten to disenfranchise millions across the UK in the pursuit of power beyond the next General election. The Daily Hate is currently reporting that Theresa May (perennially negative and disillusioned scourge of human rights law everywhere) is promising to withdraw the UK from the European Convention of Human Rights if her party wins a majority in the next general election in 2015 god forbid.  I would link to their report here, but to be honest I no longer wish to contaminate my blog with links to a hate rag.

Anyway, not content with telling lies about cats, not content with telling lies about the Strasbourg court being involved in cases when in fact it is not (there is a good breakdown of this story on the UK Human Rights Blog available here today) May and her pals at Tory HQ somewhere in Mingo City now seem to wish to tear up human rights law entirely. Why?

The usual reasons seem to be getting trotted out. Abu Hamza, Qatada, Prisoner voting rights, the phantom threat of terrorism, undermining of the sovereignty of Parliament (that last one is an uncooked plate of TOTAL TRIPE by the way, theoretically nothing can undermine parliamentary supremacy). I haven’t seen mention of May’s cat yet, but its bound to be skulking around somewhere on the sidelines just waiting for an opportunity to strike. As usual though never a mention is given to the vastly overpowering numbers of cases in which the Human Rights Act, the European Convention and Judicial Review have an overwhelmingly positive impact on the lives of vast numbers of people throughout the UK. Lets call them the silent majority.

Cameron, supports the removal of those wicked pesky human rights

Apparently this new move against civil rights has the support of none other than Lord of War David Cameron, Dictator of Mingo City (AKA Self Deluded Ruler of the Universe, Seller of weapons of mass destruction to the masses, Warrior of the Wasteland, the Ayatollah of rock and Rolla etc) the man who decries immigration into the UK from Eastern European nations yet publicly advocates the opening of the floodgates to unlimited immigration rights to India as he pursues weapons contracts with them; the man who avows the importance of Human Rights to other countries of the world (usually while selling them weapons) yet does nothing but criticise human rights law and the judiciary back home; the man who instituted a highly expensive public consultation and committee to explore the replacement of the Human Rights Act with a ‘British Bill of Rights’ only to have the committee undergo two public consultations (the first being a total buster of directionless pap) roll up and smoke vast sums of public money (coming out of an education or NHS budget near you soon) and report back that there was no justifiable argument for replacing the Human Rights Act (and who were then criticised because they didn’t return the recommendations the Government wanted, probably after rejecting an offer of Weapons by Cameron), and who now is rapidly making his next move on the chessboard which is to just withdraw from the convention entirely if re-elected with a majority, probably while desperately selling weapons to someone else in the process.

A lot of promises are being deferred to 2015 just now; referendum on EU membership; withdrawing from the European Convention on Human Rights. Funny how they don’t do these things now, but instead defer them until after the election, dangling them like carrots for an electorate who thanks to the government, the media and the sheer lack of objective truth on these matters from either party remain largely in state imposed ignorance about the crucial issues and law in question, and will vote only on the basis of what they are told, and not on the truths of which they are unaware.

It is of course no secret that the Conservative party over the last 30 or so years have never really supported the ability of ordinary people to legally challenge the verbal diarrhoea regularly emanating from the Stationery Office or the decisions of local or central government as they seek to dash our taxes against the wall by splashing out on weapons of mass destruction, junkets to the Swiss Alps, caviare and chips. The idea of incorporating the European convention into domestic law along with the idea of a freedom of information Act was utterly abhorrent to Thatcher in the 80’s (remember that’s the woman that quite possibly knew about police misconduct in the Hillsborough tragedy yet buried it). Given that the current mob of castle owning London based PPE educated professional politician sociopaths currently masquerading as government are so enamoured with those dark and distant times it figures that they too feel exactly the same. If you really want to see the mindset of this party at work regarding issues of human Rights and Equality then just consider the bigoted homophobic opinions of many of its members given during the recent debate and vote on Equal Marriage as they tried to convince us that the pillars of heaven would come crashing down about us, many of whom I suspect voted on their own narrow beliefs rather than those of the electorate who appeared as I am largely in favour of the change.

Not only are our government (forget coalition, the Lib Dems are dead whitebait in the shark pool; WE HAVE a Conservative government propped up by arch coward and closet Tory Nick Clegg who sold his party, soul, students, female members of his party and voters down the river in return for a taste of power) seeking desperately to get rid of the influence of the European Court of Human Rights, the Human Rights Act etc they are also now attacking  the principles of Judicial Review, the method by which members of the public can ask the courts to rule on the legality, rationality or procedural propriety of government, local authority or emanation of the state decisions taken under secondary legislation that affect the specific individual or interested party. The logic seems to be that in the desperate times in which we live (which the Government and master of negativity Mervin King in the Castle Grayskull that is the Bank of England do nothing to help) the state should not be tied up in red tape and should have a free hand to do what they wish. They cite the rise of judicial review over the years as a menace against government. Personally I think that any rise in judicial review is merely indicative of a rise in bad government. I also think that in desperate times it is all the more crucial that we hold onto the values and legal protections that we have as was recognised by Lord Atkin in Liversidge v Anderson back in the midst of World War 2 when he gave a powerful dissenting argument against the House of Lords merely following the intention of Parliament in the heat of war rather than upholding the principles of rule of law and separation of powers like they should have. Difficult times are always a powerful incentive for the public to allow governments to have their way. Those in power realise this and do everything they can to exploit such times, usually by whipping up a frenzy over trifling issues in the media, such as the Quatada affair, a man who is only in the UK because the Conservative Government in the 1990’s granted him asylum shortly before the security services started pumping him for intelligence.


Iain Duncan Smith, Scourge of the Nether Regions

It seems today that we are on an ever descending spiral into the depths of a place where the state is becoming ever more all powerful and the public have little option but to accept their lot as dictated by that state with little option for redress. The conservatives prior to taking government promised to undo the encroachments on civil liberties and rights imposed by the former Labour government in the shadow of the war on terror, encroachments that the conservatives had long complained against while in opposition. Since coming to power however they seem to have reversed on those promises with a vengeance, grabbing onto any little excuse to unravel the fabric of public law protections that vastly benefit the public beyond a mere handful of trifling yet high publicity negative cases that are bandied about as justification for entirely negative change. No place else is this attitude reflected more than in the antics of Iain Duncan Smith, the man who pre election went to Easterhouse and promised to do something to help lift those in poverty out of it, but since coming to power seems to have made it his mission in life to wipe such communities and people off of the face of the Earth by sucking out their very lifeblood while the Government continues splashing billions on Aircraft Carriers and disgusting Nuclear Missiles.

I personally find the times we are living in just now as quite scary, as do a lot of others. It feels like the early 80’s again. Even the fashions from the period are back with a vengeance, and drainpipe jeans and chinos didn’t look good then either. I see a massive negative impact that our Government’s ideology driven policies are having everywhere. There is an unquestionable rise in homelessness in Bristol. I also keep reading of a possible huge forced exodus of social housing tenants out of London which I am cynical enough to believe may have been the whole point having read in the past of how certain areas of London society object to having social housing within the golden square mile of Westminster  Thanks also to Government cutbacks in legal aid many are now finding out the hard way that they have no help to deal with serious issues and the enormous negative impact of government activity on society. The removal of Human Rights law or reduction in the availability of Judicial review or placing of it beyond the reasonable expense of the public will intensify these problems. Increasingly it feels that we are today all living with our backs to the wall. Many however don’t even realise it, and won’t do so until their lives are impacted negatively by the State and find that they no longer have any method of redress. Meanwhile Cameron keeps on talking about ‘the big society’, which I doubt very much he has even the first clue about, and wouldn’t even it slapped him around the face with a wet roe stuffed smoked salmon. If he did understand ‘the big society’ he would never have employed the monster that is IDS and wouldn’t be feverishly de-constructing and disenfranchising the very machinery that could make any such society possible in the first place.

Anyway, while this post has been satirical, cynical, angry and emotional, I believe strongly in these issues, and I recommend others to seek out the truth on them rather than believe the rhetoric of the politically biased media. There are many good campaign groups out there desperately fighting against the whirlwind of destruction currently emanating from Westminster, Reprieve for example, Amnesty UK, Justice to name a few. These are not as some would lead you to believe organisations of lawyers exploiting a gravy train of Human Rights Practice, but in many cases individuals who campaign in their own time without pay for the issues that they believe in.

Also for good objective reporting on Human Rights issues please read the UK Human Rights Blog which does a damned fine job of unravelling the untruthful antics of Government and the Media. Don’t take the tales of outlets such as the Daily Mail or the Sun at face value, these are after all so called news papers that have never hidden their political affiliations, affiliations which go to the very heart of their intentions in presenting the news in the way that they do. Please, think for yourself, look around, see the world as it is, not as they would have you see it. One day you may need to rely on the basic rights currently available. It would be such a pity if you found out in future that they were no longer there for you.


London Mayoral Race – Media narrowing the race through biased coverage? Shenanigans!

Some Shenanigans!

I am not from London although a large part of my family is including my Father. Nonetheless the concept of the election of a Mayor is one that I am unfamiliar with and not convinced of the necessity for as it is after all merely another layer of expensive red tape. Nonetheless, London has a Mayor and currently the race for election is on.

To the casual observer however, it would appear at the moment that the race for office is a two horse race between the Conservative and incumbent candidate Bullingdon sorry Boris Johnson* and the Notorious ‘Red’ (or is that ‘crying’) Ken Livingston* with some fringe activities by the Liberal Tories, sorry Lie’beral Democraps sorry Liable demoscratch, SORRY! (Bloody Keyboard!) the ‘Liberal Democrats’ (finally, you know Paddy pantsdowns party) (er. do they still exist? is there life on Mars?) and a few other more well known ‘parties’.

Some would argue that both of the Labour and Tory candidates have had their day (including myself) and should step aside in favour of some fresh blood and a more positive fresh direction in office rather than playing politics as they always do, as this week has seen with some pretty rubbish squabbling over who pays tax for what. the fact that some candidates have reduced the debate to one of who pays more tax is pretty pathetic, not to mention being bereft of policy.

Not so according to the BBC, Sky and various other media outlets however who have recently been accused in The Guardian of excluding non major party candidates from televised and other media events, including specifically the sole independent candidate Siobhan Benita who has not been invited to take part in live televised debates or hustings, and has otherwise been sidelined in coverage in favour of the major party figures, which in my mind presents an entirely false image to the electorate who may not even be aware that other candidates are taking part (though I have to say that I have no problem with the British Nazi sorry ‘National’ Party candidate being suppressed! Launched into and lost in space would be more fitting or a meeting with ‘Handy’ John Prescott down a dark alley).

In my own opinion if I were voting in this or any election I would like to actually know who all of the candidates are. In this case, there are actually only 7 candidates as detailed here, including those mentioned above. Hardly a huge unmanageable number to deal with in a live debate setting. Yet the BBC claims to be acting in the interests of the electorate (which I doubt is really something they should be doing anyway short of giving unbiased and full news coverage) Indeed a number of quotes from the recent Guardian article pretty much sum up how ridiculous the BBC position is becoming.

The BBC maintains that its guidelines only require it to give airtime to candidates from parties with a track record in a previous relevant election, or with clear evidence of support in the polls……

According to Ric Bailey the BBC’s chief advisor of politics has stated that the BBC’s “way of providing election coverage is the result of a long-standing system in the UK – not just the BBC – which has established that it is in the broader interests of the electorate that not all candidates have to be treated identically. You are right, of course, that licence fee payers should be able to have access to all candidates – but with ‘due weight’……


“Due weight must be given to the coverage of major parties during the election period. Broadcasters must also consider giving appropriate coverage to other parties and independent candidates with significant views and perspectives.”

Now I have to say how dare the BBC or indeed any other media broadcaster with a duty to present the news in an unbiased and complete manner presume (behind whatever ‘guidelines’, ‘conventions’, ‘traditions’ or other brouhaha) to decide which candidates get coverage and what the electorate gets to know about them. These passages and statements clearly demonstrate and perpetuates a number of typically human and media failings in politics, including;

  1. The idea that something is right just because we have been doing it for a long time, and
  2. That the electorate need to be guided to the right candidate by a media organisation who claim to be ‘protecting their interests’, and
  3. The fallacious idea that the media for some reason see themselves as having some kind of duty or right to influence an election, for example the infamous and patently scandalous ‘It’s the Sun Wot Won It‘ nonsense from 1992.

This is in essence political discrimination at its worst which is robbing the London mayoral electorate of their democratic right to make their mind up in an informed manner. The BBC as far as I am concerned are little more today than a runaway train of a publicly funded broadcaster badly in need of either being stripped back to little more than a news flash once a day or of being cut loose from the public purse to earn its living privately rather than being foisted upon the public at great and unavoidable taxed expense (It is a no brainer though, which do you privatise: (a) The NHS or (b) the BBC? Auntie gets it every time, or at least she should!).

No. As far as I am concerned, for this election to be fair, all candidates must be heard. The election should not simply be restricted to a race between two or three individuals simply because they have a major party backing, and the BBC and other broadcasters engaging in this election manipulation should be stopped from doing so or told forthwith to withdraw all coverage of all candidates.

The BBC should be ashamed. As a taxpayer funded organisation, they have absolutely no business whatsoever in purposely or inadvertently by their actions influencing a democratic election due to their compromised position of being funded just now by way of a conservative government. One could say they are hardly a neutral body. Nor do Sky or any other media outlets who have been guilty of the same thing. The people of London deserve to make their choice in a properly informed manner, and this in my mind requires that if one candidate is given a media platform, then all other candidates must also have the same platform, or not at all for any. This goes not just for the Mayoral race, but for any election, particularly general elections for example in 2010 where we had to face the ridiculous site of major three party leaders squabbling (and telling lots and lots of pure and simple lies as seen below) on live television while the dozens of other parties got not a look in.

Of course there are large parts of the population who may well just vote labour, Tory or god forbid BNP anyway without need of watching any of these docu-dramas. Nonetheless there are also a lot of people who may not have made up their minds yet, and they deserve more than simply being exposed only to the candidate whom the BBC or Sky give the greater coverage to.


Not in this country, so grab a broom its Shenanigans!

*Boris Johnson former member of:  Bullingdon Club: the same outrageous, destructive and socially exclusive creepy ‘dining’ club from whence came our Prime Minister David Cameron, Chancellor George Osborne, and to which Tory Treasurer Michael Farmer paid for the admittance of his own son. One member in cabinet would be fine. Two members, a Mayor and further links? Is this Government representative of Britain? I think not!

*about whom the less said the better particularly with regards to his opinions on tax avoiders while allegedly avoiding tax himself as well as his extensive list of other controversies including racism, cronyism, Venezuelan oil etc, and just this week, the CROCODILE TEARS fake campaign video scandal where actors pretended to be ‘ordinary londoners’ backing Ken gushed over him and why he should be re-elected while Ken sat and cried upon allegedly seeing it for the first time, having allegedly seen it the night before according to The Daily Mail (I know, not very authoritative, but then…. neither is Ken Livingstone).  

Mike Farrell-Deveau

In Absentia…