Police – Scandals, Killings, Cover ups – Police corruption, brutality and failure in the UK

In light of recent revelations regarding allegations that the police conducted undercover operations to discredit the family, witnesses and campaigns for justice following the murder of Stephen Lawrence, for whatever unjustifiable, disreputable and downright disgusting reasons behind such attempts, it is worth remembering other instances of unlawful police corruption, brutality, public intimidation, provocation and procedural failure which have led to the death and imprisonment of many innocent people, particularly now when there are constant calls and moves to give the police more powers, powers which like many of the security services they should neither have nor deserve. The following is a list of interesting such cases, in no particular order. If you wish to read more on each one click the link. In some cases there is reams of information out there.

Death of Blair peach

The Battle of the Beanfield

The Cardiff five

The Birmingham Six

The notorious criminal exploits of the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad

The Guildford Four and Maguire Seven

The killing of Jean Charles De Menezes

Public Disorder – Plain Clothes police thugs smash up a victims car with baseball bats… and get away with it

Battle of Orgreave

Death of Ian Tomlinson

Hillsborough Disaster – Police smearing of victims.

These are just a handful of known and well reported stories, there are sadly many more out there. If you have experienced or have other examples to add to it, let me know and I will add them. Many of the victims in the cases above received neither apology nor compensation despite having died or having had convictions quashed, often after spending years of their lives incarcerated. In some cases there are claims that the police have actively sought to pervert the course of justice for example by smearing the reputations of victims, losing or withholding evidence crucial to an enquiry, or closing ranks to cover the identity of killers within their ranks.

In virtually every case the failings documented should quite simply never have occurred.

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