War on the Disabled

As we come up to the 3 year mark for our Conservative Government (Yes its a conservative government propped up by an ineffective soul selling sad puppy dog eyed Liberal Democon stooge), here are a number of websites that paint a fairly (un)pretty and indeed disturbing picture of life in Britain for many over the last 3 years.

The Conservatives have tried really hard to convince the public that Britain is broken. The truth is judging by their behaviour Britain isn’t broken and never was. Politics is broken however and has been for a very very long time. Remember all the lies of ‘Kind and Compassionate Conservatives’ before 2010? The fact that they even had to try and sell themselves as being such speaks volumes about the type of people that inhabit government today, the type of people who have largely done one hell of a lot to drive our country backwards from issues of equality, the type of people who through the media are fuelling a bigoted and discriminatory fire-storm of media propaganda designed to convince the public that the disabled are scroungers. The type of people who will use the slightest excuse to justify removing the civil and human rights that we have fought long and hard for to protect ourselves against the state. The type of people who will force legislation to allow secret courts through Parliament just to protect themselves from having the truth exposed about their clandestine skullduggery abroad.

The disturbing thing is that the public buy into this stuff. Many believe it and Many act upon it. There are reported rises in hate crimes against the disabled for example (see below). Words such as scrounger are bandied about casually from Government down through the civil service to those working in Job Centres who are supposed to be there to help. Then there are the suicides quietly happening around the country which Government refuses to hear about. Years and years of fighting for Human Rights, Equality and the abolition of discrimination are slowly being picked apart.

If you have the time and interest, please check out some of the links below and the stories behind them, including a surprising one from the Daily Hate.

There are now just over 2 years left and counting to the next general election, and no doubt during this time far more irreversible damage will be done to society all in the name of austerity (Austerity: Noun. Byword for a government more willing to piss billions into nuclear weapons, weapons of war and just War in general than they are willing to actually care about the society and people they claim to represent) leaving the country more socially divided and torn apart than ever before. Hopefully by then we will all have learned that it is time to take the power back and instigate a right royal clear out of Parliament. I doubt it though, we will probably all end up blindly falling into Labours hands again, then back to the Tories, then back to labour, ping pong, ping pong, ping pong, ping pong, all the time the Lib Dems pimping themselves to whomever will get them past the gates of the ivory tower, ping pong, ping pong, ping pong ad infinitum (or is that ad nauseum?) never ever achieving a truly fair and balanced society.

The following links are a random selection of sites that can be found online, these are not my sites, I do not endorse them and in some cases I don’t agree with the politics behind them, but I do largely agree with their stance on the specific issue in question. They are all an illustration of some of the ideas, truths and stories out there regarding what is happening today and part of the reason why we are truly on the express elevator to hell.

And remember kids, say NO to ATOS, IDS, and Fascists everywhere.
































About Mike Farrell-Deveau
Mike Farrell-Deveau is a Law graduate, Writer (Fiction, Copy and Journal), Business Professional and Musician with interests in Art, Politics, Human Rights, Social Justice, Access to Justice, Criminal Law, Employment Law, Clinical Negligence and making a lot of noise on an electric guitar.

3 Responses to War on the Disabled

  1. For all those disabled through no fault of their own, there can be no excuse for denying them help to ensure some degree of independence, but for those whose disability is self-inflicted through negligence or failure to take advice, the position is a little different.

    My late husband, a doctor who had suffered the amputation of one leg, and re-construction of the other during two years of surgery following an accident involving a drunk driver, could have sat in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Though severely disabled, he chose to study medicine, and devoted the remaining forty years of his life to helping others. He used to tell his patients, ‘I can make a diagnosis; I can prescribe medication and treatment; the rest is up to you.

    Instead of criticising and labelling all as scroungers, much better act positively by enabling those disabled mentally or physically to lead lives as independent of so-called handouts as possible. It can be done; it requires compassion and good-will, as well as sound common-sense from everyone concerned.

  2. Adrian Cooper says:

    Good article Mike.

    “but for those whose disability is self-inflicted through negligence or failure to take advice, the position is a little different.”

    maureenjenner – Could you elaborate a bit more, regarding the second part of your first paragraph please?

  3. My apologies for not clarifying the point.

    Too many become disabled through obesity, smoking, alcohol, and/or drugs. It’s the self-inflicted disability through addiction that I find blameworthy. Moderating our indulgences is part of growing-up. An adult needs self-control; knowing when to indulge, and when to stop. It’s all about being responsible, rather than seeking excuses for weakness.